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Top 5 Data Loss Causes and Prevention

Being a business user or a personal user of computers, your data is always important for you. It is that information which is sometimes much more precious than our computer. Loss of important data can not only hamper our mental peace but most of the times it is associated with financial losses. In a tech article, it is must discuss the most common causes of data loss and how you can prevent your machine from data loss.

Causes of Data loss:

Here are some main causes of data loss:

Over Heating:

Most of the times overheating is the main cause of the data loss. As we all know most of the small- and large-scale businesses save all the data on servers and these servers need to be turned on all the time. This is the reason sometimes these servers get overheated and get turned off suddenly which results in the loss of any unsaved information.


Hacking or hijacking is the main problem emerging these days and responsible for data loss most of the times because of external reasons. Some hackers take control of your system and then ask for money or a ransom amount to set it free. If you will not pay the ransom amount data on your computer will be wiped off.

Infected files:

There can be some files which are infected, but they can make your entire computer infected which results in sudden shutdowns and sometimes permanent failure of the system this is why it is just to scan your computer time to time not only for viruses and malware but for such files which can infect other files on your system.


A disaster can also be responsible for data loss. If you use to keep all the data on a single computer, then it can be lost because of fire or any other disaster in the system. This can be prevented if you have different systems placed in different places.

How to prevent data loss:

So far, we have understood the importance of data and how we can lose it. Here is how we can prevent data loss.

Backup data on cloud:

Strongest and the safest method to ditch data loss is to backup your data on cloud. Though a cloud computing company save your data on different servers at different locations but to be on the safer side it is better to manually create backup sets on different cloud portals.

 Install an antivirus software:

Anti-virus software protects your system from attacks by hackers and to protect your computer files from getting corrupted or infected this is really a helpful method because of emerging cybercrime and ransomware attacks it becomes must get safeguarded with anti-malware software.

Turn off Server or computer properly when they are not in use:

In small or businesses often, we save all the data on servers to avoid overheating of these servers they need to be turned off time to time. This not only helps to avoid overheating but also protect your computer from a malware attack when it is not being used. Regular maintenance of server computer is also recommended so that they can keep working properly and there will be lesser chances of data loss.

Locally back up your data:

You can use external hard drives or flash drives to keep a sorted backup of all your data. These backup sets can be kept on another place where they are safe. Local back up sets can help you to restore your data quickly and easily.

Keep everything online:

There are many cloud base services which help you to create documents online. This trick can be considered as a strong tip to keep your data safe because these service providers are having high-level security and on the top of that such documents can be edited from anywhere.

So, these were 5 Tips to prevent your data from getting lost. As your data is precious then your computer then you should pay a little attention in safeguarding it

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