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The Best Hacks to Consider While Creating an Animated Video

We all know the significance of imagery, especially when we look into our childhoods and realize how much animations influenced our early days.

Each one of us has gone through that stage within their lives where cartoons made an impact on us and our imagination, inspiring us to think out of the box and explore things differently.

Similarly, in the current times, video animations have been on a rise. And not just for entertainment purposes but for educational and brand marketing purposes as well.

They play a significant role in building brand personalities in delivering information to their viewers through an easier and more comprehensible medium.

However, in order to create an animation video that speaks on behalf of a brand or connects with its viewer effectively, it’s important that the animator creates an outline beforehand as to how their animation is supposed to transition and flow.

To assist you with that, we have gathered 5 hacks that can boost your animations vitality and allow you to have an impeccable journey.

5 Hacks that should be looked into whilst creating animated video content

Spicing up the Context with Exaggeration:

It is an evident element that whenever a narrative is exaggerated the more catchy it becomes. The similar is the case with animations, the thing with wonder animation is that they tend to pique the viewer’s interests and influence them to ignite their creativity.

By bringing unrealistic ideas into the real world by giving them life with the help of animations, you can potentially inspire your viewers to perceive things differently.

In addition to that, several surveys have been conducted and it has been noticed that animations that exaggerate their context tend to retain more attention of their viewers. Not only does it give an edge to the viewer but to the animator as well, they are given a free space to experience the different areas within the world of animation.

Meek Animations Simplify Things:

There are times when less is more and the same goes for animations. Overly detailed and cramped up animations tend to repel away viewers and that is mainly due to them overly complicating concepts when they could’ve been presented in a simpler way.

However, that can be avoided by creating an outline for the animation that includes the features and requirements of the imagery as to what strategy you would be following, this will enable you to stay on track with your animation and keep it up to date.

You must also keep in mind to focus on a single narrative for the animation, more than one context within a single animated video can get a bit tricky to follow and format and often results in an entangled depiction and you wouldn’t want that.

Using Curve Editor to Control Animations Transitioning:

Even though curve editor can be a bit hard to use but with enough practice, the software can be won over an used to refine animations. It is considered to be one of the most effective tools to declutter animations and eradicate all those factors and features within animations that can cause hindrance within the growth of the animation.

Moreover, the tool is adept to handle and highlight mainframes and link them in a smooth manner that allows video animation to flow freely. Another reason to use a curve editor is that it gives more control over the animation to the animator, they gain more options and possibilities.

Third-party Plugins to Render:

Rendering plugins are important when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of the animation, without them the animation is not going to appear aesthetic and empty. Not just that, they are responsible to improve the quality of animations, turning them into intriguing pieces of art that deliver messages across.

And it is highly important that you make use of these plugins since they are the solutions to boost the quality of an animated video and give them the edge they require to stand out within the industry. Not only will you be able to stand against your competitors with these third party plugins but your animation will be able to develop an identity of its own.

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