Creating Social Media Strategy by Competitor’s monitoring

In today’s world, a social media marketing strategy is must to apply. No matter what kind of business you run what companies you run no matter what niche you are in social media plays an important role in generating revenue. There are a few questions that might pop into your mind such as is it must have a social media profile for your business, what social network should you opt to represent the business, what are the ways in which you can create good social profiles, what content must be published in order to get more social attention etc. All these questions need to be answered. The owner must decide to invest in these and devise a strategy in order to get ahead of the competition. To ensure that you have a good strategy you need to spy on the competition. It will help you give an insight into the trends and how you can manage yours. Here are a few key elements that may help you get a good SEO strategy for social media.

Comparison of the audience size

See what social network your competition is using? Even if they use a one or two you should use almost all that you can use. View their profiles and see how many customers or audience they have. So keep an eye on their social media and help get answers to the number of people they have, what blogs they use for interaction etc. then the next thing is to search your competition on Google and see where they rank. This will give you an idea of how much you need to press on your needs.

Measuring the amount of user engagement

The audience size will not tell you it all. It will not tell you everything. Surely it will not tell you the number of audiences engaged. For this reason, you need to get some SEO tools for spying, using those tools you can get the best results. There are many tracking software available which track their moves on social media or other blogs etc.

If you are looking for an engagement report on the Facebook, you can use the Facebook completive analysis report, with this report you can see the analysis of different pages and profiles.

Analysis of the posted content

What is a social profile without an engaging content? Once you know the number of audience on social profiles of competition and which profiles give those more engagements see what the content on it is. See how the content is written or managed so that it has the ability to engage the users. With this in-depth analysis, you will surely get the best results for your profiles and social media SEO strategy.

The content is the key but it does not mean that you have tons of content on the profiles or the website. More content does not mean more success. So you must also know how often the competition which has a good rank on Google posts the new content. See how often or when or why you need to post. Sometimes it is necessary to post some content even if it is on the same day that you already posted.

You need to know what content you need to post, photos, or text, images or videos or animations etc. this is how you can get your own strategy designed.

The use of spying tools

Then there is this. There are tools available for spying on social media or even cellophane and other devices. There many software available for digital spying which can be used. You can click here on the internet to download apps such as TheOneSpy or other digital spying apps.

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