Here’s What No One Tells You About – Corrupted MS Access Recovery

Microsoft Access is one of the finest application for creating & managing the database. It doesn’t require any coding & commands for the creation of a database file.

But the problem arises when our database is attacked by any irrelevant issue which makes it damaged & inaccessible.

Today, we are going to learn about corruption issues in Access file & how to perform Corrupted MS Access Recovery or how to fix Microsoft Access file manually as well as with the help of an automated tool.

Here is one of the related queries which affect the database file of MS Access:

Yesterday night when I was updating my Access Database file suddenly a power failure occurs for 5 minutes. After these 5 min breaks when I again trying to access that file, I am unable for the same. That Access file contains my 8 months of hard work. Please Help to repair damaged access database!

If you are dealing with such problems you are at the right place. I provided a number of methods of recovery, reasons & how to prevent out files from corruption.

What Makes Access File Corrupted

In general, files are damaged when writing to disk. This can happen in a variety of ways, the most common of which is an error that occurs when saving an app file or generating an error. Shut down the computer and close any open files (or, if available).

There is no way you can close a file properly, for example, unless there is a power outage or a computer crash. This can corrupt existing files, including documents and operating system files. Before discussing over corrupted MS Access Recovery let us first overview some of the issues lead to corruption are 

  • Writing Interruption: This may be due to a sudden or unexpected exit from the program while the write operation is in progress. In this case, the Jet database engine flags the database as suspicious/corrupt. Sudden closure can cause the same problem.
  • Network Failure: Network failure can cause database file corruption. Abnormalities in network hardware are directly affected by jet database engines, by flagging Jet Database Engine files.
  • Concurrent User’s Access: MS Access has limitations on its users, which is why its functionality and efficiency are declining when many users work in the same database file.
  • Malware & Virus Attack: Viruses are now created using advanced codes and algorithms that can control documents and seriously damage them. It is very difficult to restore if your database is attacked by an excessive virus.
  • Old File Format: As per the update of MS Access, old MDB file format is converted to a new ACCDB format with contains some updated features & some Jet Database updates which help to repair damaged access database & make it more relevant to use. But sometimes it becomes a problem to run old MDB format on updated Software. It shows error.
  • Termination Of Files Accidently: One of the problems while working on Access Database is accidentally termination of the file which is in process. This process sometimes causes fatal data loss or inaccessibility of the file.
  • Multiuser Environment: When more than one person is working on a similar Database file. The chances of interruption increases because when two persons will perform updation in the same part of the file it may dislocate the values from their original position to others & then results in the need to fix Microsoft Access file.

Prevention From Corruption In Access Files

The issue of repair damaged access database can be removed if one can take care of the database file before corruption. So, here are some basic points which make your file free from malware & errors:

  • By updating drivers from time to time, one can take relief from bugs arises in the drivers
  • Always try to take the backup of your work concurrently such that whenever you need that backup you can access it without any constraints.
  • Shut down your system properly when you are not working on the file. Also, terminate the file in the proper method after completing all the processes under it.

Manual Approaches To Perform Corrupted MS Access Recovery

In principle, when there is a database corruption, we can imagine sending the database to a data recovery company or sending them to call their experts. But what we don’t see is that corruption is sometimes so low that we can do it ourselves. Here are some tips to help you repair damaged access database:

  •  Backup Recovery: It is one of the most common and important means of obtaining a database file. If your database files are updated regularly, you can make a backup copy of the connection file. You must delete the damaged file and restore the backup to the location where the backup of the base file was saved.
  • Compact & Repair Utility: This is the built-in utility that comes with MS Office Suite or the standalone application that you have installed – MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

Do the following steps in sequence:

  1. Open Microsoft Access.
  2. Click on the Database Tools tab and click the Compact and Repair Database option.
  3. Browse to select the Access Database you wish to repair.
  4. MS Access compact and repair the database and saves your copy in the same location.
  • Conversion Of File Format: As the problem occurs because of old file format, one can also change the file format from MDB to ACCDB with the help of in-built features of MS Access Application.
  • Delete VBA Codes: Deleting the compiled VBA codes can also help to fix the Microsoft Access file.

Expert Solution for Corrupted MS Access Recovery

If all the above preventions & recovery methods are failed on repairing your Access File, then Do not worry because we also have a one-stop solution for that highly damaged Database file. SysTools Access Recovery Tool is the utility which can easily Fix MS Access file without any extra affords.

This tool also used to fix Microsoft Access file with some errors like MS Access error 3049, error 3197, error 2239, error 80004005 & many more.


Now, when you know everything about Database error & Corrupted MS Access Recovery you can use these solutions & prevention as per your need to repair damaged access database.

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