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Do you want to monitor your child’s online activities while using cell phones? So, there are several apps that monitor online performances. But still, you are confused about choosing one of the best and most authentic monitoring app. here; we cover cocospy review which is one of the best software that will serve you for monitoring purposes. 

Because of dangers arrival with the emergence of technology, kids are mostly affected by this latest technology or most timeshare unethical content with others. Parents want to keep a secret eye on kids for different safety purposes.

Cocospy Review by TechBug

We have reviewed this app, and find it the best parental control app with a dynamic feature list. No doubt, Cocospy is an excellent choice to deal with online dangers. It is the most reliable spy app with actual monitoring results.

Cocospy reviews from other sites

Cocospy is a well-known parental control application that got around 3.5 ratings on sites like Sitejabber & Trustpilot which shows users like this software let’s do a cocospy review in this article.

What is Cocospy App?

Cocospy is a renowned parental control app like mspy, ogymogy, spyera. It provides possible monitoring for android and iOs phones. It makes sure you know about your kids’ activities while using cell phones.

User enables to track the calls, messages, live location, browsing details, and many more cell phone activities.

Cocospy is successfully finding kids’ and employees’ actions. One of the leading applications secretly performs monitoring features for your targeted person.

How does the Cocospy app work?

what is cocospy

Cocospy app works on the targeted device when you configure their installation procedure mentioned below in this cocospy review. Then this app enables you to secretly monitor the online activities of your targeted person without knowing them.

Cocospy Compatibility

Before choosing a monitoring application, you need to know whether it can serve with your device or not. Here in this review of cocospy, we tell you the possible compatibility of Cocospy with your digital devices.

Android mobiles

You can track the android phone’s version 4.0+ with a precise and reliable application. It will give you an excellent opportunity for android mobile monitoring.

iOs devices

Cocospy equally performs its monitoring services for iOs devices. It can track the iPhones and iPad for you to know their online performances without knowing the targeted person.

So, Cocospy supports android and iOs devices for the secret tracking of your loved one.

Features of Cocospy

Cocospy offers you a wide range of the best spying features. Here we write the best features that help you find the targeted person while using their cell phones. You can use these features and enjoy the spying application.

Call monitoring

cocospy call logs

If, you are worried about your loved one and want to know whom they talk to. So, don’t worry, with the Cocospy call monitoring app, you can secretly see the call details of your targeted person. Further, you can block any suspicious call on your targeted device.

Spy Contact list

You can view all saved contacts of your targeted device. Users can see the contact name, block contact, view the existing connection, or delete contact on your targeted device.

Read text messages

cocospy sms spy

With the Cocospy app, you are empowered to see all text message conversations. Moreover, you come to know the deleted messages without knowing the targeted person. You can read all sent or received text messages.

Location tracker

It is easy to find the live location of your targeted person with the Cocospy app. you can easily find the live place of your loved one and come to know where they move.


This feature of the Cocospy app allows you to detect the applied keys on your targeted device. It enables you to read all text, passwords, or other keys on your loved one. Further, you can record keystrokes with the Cocospy app.

Spy Install apps

This feature makes sure you know about your targeted person’s cell phone installed apps. You come to know what kind of app they have on their device. It gives you a detailed list of mobile apps and enables you to block any unwanted apps.

Monitor social media messages

Cocospy allows you to spy on almost every social instant messaging app of your targeted person, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, zoom, tinder, Skype, Zalo, Imo, YouTube, telegram or many more. Cocospy allows you to remotely access or read all social messenger texts and record their live screen or take screenshots.

Internet browsing history

It is the most significant parent’s concern toward their children while using the internet. Parents are worried while their kids are watching X-rated videos or addicted the pornography. So, internet browsing history allows you to track the internet history of your targeted person.

Dashboard of Cocospy

cocospy dashboard

Like other spy apps, Cocospy allows you to monitor the digital devices and find their all-action without touching the targeted device. we have tried to cover all in this You can get the monitoring results of particular features like calls, contact, location, browsing history, photos, videos, sim cards, social media apps, key loggers, etc.

The installation procedure of Cocospy app

The Cocospy app enables you to monitor your kids to stay away from several dangers. Here we mention a few steps that allow you to spy on your targeted device with the best Cocospy app.

  • Step: 1 To start monitoring anyone’s device, you have to Purchase the Cocospy app
  • Step: 2 Successfully install the app into your targeted device
  • Step: 3 Cocospy online dashboard allows you to monitor your targeted device

You are setting the Cocospy app into your device.

Please turn the setting of the Cocospy app. For this, you have to install the app into your device and know their settings that enable you to track the online activities of anyone.

Start the process step by step.

  1. From the beginning, visit the official website of the Cocospy app and tap to sign up at the right corner. If you are a new user, sign up, or if you already have an account so just log in to get access.
  2. Use the provided email to operate the monitoring application on your targeted device and then click to create an account.
  3. Turn on the next page and select the targeted device of your targeted person’s own.
  4. After that, you will land on the buying page; here, you can choose the price bundle that you will share on your mail.

You are setting up Cocospy on your targeted device.

  1. When you buy the app, you will receive an email that contains the credentials to log in; then, you can log in to Cocospy users account to enter your user name or password.
  2. Next, you must scan a QR code with the targeted mobile camera to download the Cocospy app on your device. Here users can download the application on your targeted person.
  3. Once you successfully download the app, you can install it on your targeted device and open the app. the installed application will be invisible to your targeted device. Then, Cocospy works with the fake name on your targeted device.
  4. To install, you need to agree with the EULA for the tap of AGREE & CONTINUE button.
  5. You can need to make changes and enable the KEYLOGGER TRACKING.
  6. Then you can select the manual application setup or automatically. If you choose automatic, tap on design AUTOMATICALLY to install automatically.
  7. Once the procedure is complete, select the hide icon app or enter the registration code.

The installation procedure is completed; you can use the app without knowing the targeted person.

Who can use the Cocospy app?

Now the time has changed with modern devices and the latest technology. But it has a lot of adverse effects on kids’ health and positive growth. But it is a natural worry for parents toward their children. They want to know kids’ online and offline activities for their safety.

Suppose they give freedom to their kids to use cell phones and the internet. But they are worried and want to secure themselves from their online threat, cyber-attack, and other digital threats as parents’ business communities are also concerned about their employees at the official place.

They want to keep an eye on their activities. Monitoring business devices are protecting business secrets from online threats. Cocospy review helps all worried parents and employers for safety reasons. 

Cost of Cocospy app

Before choosing Cocospy, you have to know your devices’ price package of monitoring software. It charges the same price for android and iOs devices. You can subscribe to the plan by selecting the month. It offers you one month, three-month or twelve-month plan.

  • One month $ 49.99
  •  Three months $ 27.99
  • One year month $ 11.66


Is it legal to use Cocospy?

Cocospy is legal when you use it with the consent of your kids’ online safety from the dangerous effects of the digital world and secure business secrets.

Is Cocospy is hidden spy software?

Cocospy is a 100% invisible monitoring app for your targeted device. Once you install it, it works on your targeted device without giving a single clue to your targeted device.

How can you use the Cocospy app?

You need to install the app into your targeted device by following the installation steps mentioned above in this cocospy review. Then you can spy on the digital device of your loved ones to track their digital devices and protect them from online threats.

Final words

At the end of the Cocospy review, the most precise and powerful monitoring application has beneficial features. It has affordable prices for android and iOs devices. You can choose this app for kids monitoring and employee surveillance.

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