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Cloud Services Compared – Infographic

Working professionals now handling a huge volume of sizeable files, a shortage of disk storage space can occur quite easily. Also, there is nearly an expectation on workers, especially those whose jobs regularly take them out of the office, to be able to access files from wherever they may be, so having them exclusively on a computer at work is not ideal.

It is for reasons such as these that cloud storage has become such a widely-embraced concept. Most providers will offer a storage capacity so generous that you’d struggle to fill it, while the ability to view and edit files from almost anywhere is a major plus, especially for those working remotely.

This infographic from ERS IT Solutions compares the main characteristics and benefits/drawbacks of six cloud storage platforms. The best-known of these is probably Dropbox, a very simple yet practical cloud option which has the huge benefit of working on almost every operating system imaginable. Google Drive is another good option for people with little or no prior experience of using cloud and it allows for files as large as 5TB to be uploaded, which is extremely generous. The only real catch is that your storage space could be limited by the size of your Gmail folders, as both Drive and Gmail form part of your overall Google profile.


For the more experienced or advanced cloud user, iCloud Drive and Box are worth considering. They can both be rather tricky to navigate, but those with plentiful tech expertise will crack it. Box is a very appealing option for business users as it offers greater security of files than any alternative.

Read through the infographic below for a balanced comparison of each cloud storage option and see which one best suits your required functionality.

Cloud Services Compared Infographic