clean up mac hard drive

How to clean up Mac Hard Drive?

Your Mac is acting sluggish these days reason may be your Mac hard drives out of space so that’s why your Mac is running slow. If so? You need to optimize storage and save your content in the cloud to make space available. The files and applications on your app tend to occupy more disk space which may eventually lead to making your Mac become clumsy and sluggish. If you want your Mac to run smoothly, you need to clean Mac hard drive and make sure there’s always ten percent of your storage data available on your Mac whenever you’re running out of space.

Besides optimizing storage, there are several ways to keep your Mac Drive clean and speed it up.

Clean up Mac Desktop

First off, the files stored in your Mac might be covering a lot of space that’s probably slowing down the performance of your Mac. Sometimes all you need is a clean MAC hard drive. Find the files and applications that you no longer use and get rid of them. If you don’t feel like cleaning everything yourself you can use CleanMyMac3 and get rid of the unwanted files and applications to free some space on your desktop. It basically cleans organize the file items. Make sure you save all the important details before using any cleaning tool.

Identify & Remove All the Duplicated Files

Another way of freeing up space on your Mac is to free up space is to identify the unwanted files and remove the duplicate files so you can keep one and dump another. As this is one of the crucial things that can affect your Mac space, therefore you need to take a step and clear the litter from your desktop. There are some great apps that can help you in this regard. Gemini 2 is one of them. It can be used to identify and remove the duplicate files to free up space and make the interface easy. You can download the app from the App Store. Moreover, the app is one known to be one of the Editorial’s choice as it offers a free trial version.

Empty Your Trashcan

Do you empty your trash can after every now and then? If not, then you need to consider doing it. One of the reasons why you don’t gain space is because you don’t bother freeing up space from the trash can. Be sure to click on the Ctrl-click the trash box and empty your trash box now.

Uninstall Applications

A general rule is to uninstall all the unwanted and irrelevant applications that you haven’t used in a considerable time. The apps purchased from the App Store can be easily reinstalled whenever you like without costing you. Simple move these apps to the trash can to provide some space for your Mac to breathe. In addition, you can find the apps that are occupying most space through Finder.

Delete the Old Disk Images

Removing the old disk images is one way of clearing the memory and creating some space on your Mac. Mac uses disk images to download apps. Open Finder to type Disk images. Delete all the DMG files that are taking up space on your Mac.

Clear Out Mail Downloads

Have you ever thought about all the emails you have received, all the emails you have sent? You might not know that you have filled your hard drive which is making your Mac sluggish. The easy way to get rid of this is to use Spotlight, Press Command and Space, then type “Mail Downloads”. A list of attachments will appear that you have downloaded over the time. Select the files you want to delete or rescue. You can delete the files from the folder which will remain on the email server.

Remove languages files

Mac OS supports a range of languages that are installed automatically during the installation process. You can select the preferred language to make it easy to switch between. Many apps support different languages, you can select your favorite language that is easy for you to understand. You can delete the unwanted language files. Every folder contains languages. Delete the extra language which you won’t be needing later on.

Follow these steps mentioned above to clean up your Mac. Cleaning the system will surely create more space and make your Mac run smoothly.

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