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Top 5 bugs in virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the latest technologies that yet to come to everyone’s hands yet, but even then we can point the bugs in virtual reality in terms of weaknesses.

Virtual reality without the shadow of the doubt is the future’s technology that will change the living standards of the people worldwide. Apart from its future advantages, let’s discuss bugs in virtual reality. There are five major weaknesses or bug in virtual reality.

Development Problems

Virtual development is one of the toughest jobs in the field of technology. Though mobile apps and websites are quite easy comparatively, even 2D games take less time and also require reasonable variables for codding. On the other hand, a virtual reality app, obviously you need developers to take into account a variety of scenarios.

Moreover, you have to get involved with the expensive tech-based equipment cameras, editing and software and plenty of others alike. It needs to have designers as well as on each and every single team. Furthermore, you need to make the app as real –life like as much as possible.

Virtual reality is far more than the static websites and mobile phone application that can perform few functions. VR is undoubtedly is recreating a new world.

It would all happen without having motion issues or the micro –design bugs. Further, VR development requires a lot of energy and time and need big teams and money too. The technology is quite new and there are quite fewer users with lack of experience as well.

Space Restrictions for Real Experience

If you have a mobile phone like Samsung gear, then you don’t require too much space. On the other headset need to be used as seated and in any sort of location and the future of VR seems to be an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The magnificent   VR means just hang out here and there and further become the part of the world.

When you are in an office and further you don’t have enough space to walk around in. secondly, you will have to bump up in the furniture, walls, and another kind of things placed in your room and even with the people present around you. So, I would say it would be very tricky to envision how it would evolve.

Moreover, if the virtual reality becomes quite big, then we may get eyes on construction to accommodate VR spaces and it is also possible that we see the use of shift outdoors. So, these are the huge bugs or weaknesses and it may take plenty of time to fix this. Currently, the technology is not significantly good enough.

Therefore, VR would take a long time to be fully immersive so that you can feel, smell and touch your body and others alike. Currently, VR is not quite fully immersive to make your mind to believe the scene in front of you.

 However, you can still know there is something on your head along the wires sticking on the head and further the graphics have a long way to long. VR is a good technology to make something real, but virtual reality would take time to grow to become reality.

VR Might has too Much “Noise”

Psychology says that people usually don’t like too much choice. People love and enjoy the perception of getting control and chose 2 -3 choices. So, people don’t like to make choice of having multiple ones and it may cause analysis and paralysis.

People also don’t like too much noise for the brain to process. VR has chances to solve the particular question. But at the moment it would be very hard for you to find the apps. However, the stimulus that is been thrown at you is significant. It will get a lot of you and there would be plenty of choice at the marketplace or the advertisers get their hands on the medium. Most of the people chose current offerings unless the quality becomes good.

VR is isolating

In near future, VR would become common in the entire world. You can use it with the headset and then enter into your own but new world that seems realistic. Moreover, they say the headset takes them closer to any interactions and make people live a fantasy. So, most of the people say, VR would become anti-social.

Furthermore, the concerns are really serious, but you know people what they really like in life. However, we all not social today along with our heads buried in cell phone and spend hours and hours of TV per day. The young generation embraces it, but the older alive generations would resist.

Most of the developers diversify from isolating video game experiences. Today we are more likely to see social apps, exercise apps, and with the number of other ways to keep the whole society transferring to the dream world.

Questionably Social in the Near Future

VR go forth fop the business and Facebook spaces that is beta yet. The games based on number of players are for VR but nothing else. On the other hand, social apps are not successful to make computing program to next level.

VR would take minimum 7 year to grow such as smartphones has taken. So, the time would come when a person attracts towards it for entertainment and it would be handy for apps. No doubt virtual reality feasible, but does not have user yet.

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