Understanding Blockchain Technology: A Guide for Non-Techies

Blockchain is futuristic technology with massive potential capable of taking the world by storm. Many people tend to think that the industry only employs coders. However, the blockchain industry also requires other professionals such as marketers, sales executives, and project managers. Though blockchain technology has been around for a decade, it is in the adoptive curve where more people are beginning to learn about it and embrace it in their day-to-day activities.

What Is a Blockchain?

What Is a Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized system whereby each user is linked to each other over a peer-to-peer network. It does not have a central point of control and the validity of every transaction will be governed by other nodes that are linked to systems called miners.

Who Is a Blockchain Architect?

A blockchain architect is defined as somebody who develops and selects the most appropriate architecture for a system. He or she chooses the blockchain in a way that suits the nature of the business, fulfills the business needs, satisfies stakeholders’ needs, and achieves the desired objectives while taking into account different challenges. A blockchain architect can be referred to as an agent of change in an organization where processes need to be developed and maintained for architecture-centric growth.

Here are some pro tips on how a non-technician can become a blockchain architect.

Familiarize Yourself with the Industry

Familiarize Yourself with the Industry

Blockchain technology is a dynamic industry that is experiencing lots of changes and innovations. It is wise to update yourself with what is happening in the industry from time to time. Read articles and blogs written by peers and experts in the industry and participate in seminars and debates concerning blockchain. GitHub, Reddit, and Stack Exchange are common resources to learn more about blockchains.


The blockchain industry is extensive. Therefore, you must specialize in a particular field. Some of the domains you can specialize in within blockchain include Python, Java, CMS programming, web technologies, and mobile technologies.

Besides that, you need to understand and learn about different crypto wallets that are available such as According to blockchain experts, you should spend at least six months researching blockchains and then select one or two fields to master your skills.

Flexibility Is Important

To fit into the blockchain industry, be quick to learn and adapt to changes. Otherwise, it will be challenging to become a successful blockchain architect. Blockchain architects need not rely on already developed protocols, but instead, need to come up with solutions for solving a problem.

Be Visible

This is to mean that you need to attend many blockchain-related events such as seminars. Read websites and any other materials that aim at helping programmers grow their skills. By doing this, you will be building networks with other blockchain experts and you will be forever up to date with the trends in the blockchain industry.


According to experts, anybody can learn about blockchain and be a pro. This is to mean that even non-technical people can become blockchain architects. Having diverse knowledge about the concept puts you in a better position to be employed within a short time.

To be recognized as a blockchain architect, you need to get a certificate. There are a variety of courses in blockchain technology that are offered at various universities.

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