Top 5 Best Text Messages Spy Apps For Android & iPhone In 2022

Nowadays, sending text messages has become necessary for all of us. But it is essential to keep an eye on for being misused among kids. It is also a need for time to track employees’ performances to enhance the work quality at an official place. 

Therefore, you can secretly spy on text messages of your targeted person and know their conversations. It has covered the latest technology to secure your targeted person and save them from any online threat. 

So, a text messages spy app for android and iPhone enables you to read all messages chat conversations, and know what your targeted person is communicating with others.

Comparison of 5 Best Text Messages Spy Apps


Features Offered 50+


Features Offered 40+


Features Offered 30+


Features Offered 20+


Features Offered 15+

Let’s discuss the best SMS tracker app that helps you spy on online conversations of your loved one.

  • TheOneSpy
  • Ogymogy
  • Mspy
  • Spyera
  • Spyzie

TheOneSpy- Text Messages Spy App


TheOneSpy is the best mobile monitoring app. parents use it to protect their kids from digital dangers and ensure employee work performances.

This app is an excellent choice to track your loved ones for their safety. It is packed with dozens of monitoring features.

You can follow your loved one with their live actions. User enables to monitor calls, internet watch history, live location, block websites, and many more.

You can check all send/receive messages of targeted devices and know what they are talking about with the schedule.




TheOneSpy is compatible with android and iOS devices and the compatible versions are mentioned below.

tos compatibility

As mentioned above they are offer this feature for all the latest versions of android.

The is compatible with iOS upto 13.5.1 version with jailbreak.

Price package

Package Plan for Android

For Android, $6.25 per month X Lite Edition and a premium plan are $12.5 per month.

Prices for iPhones

  • We are offering one month; $65.99 plan
  • You can choose three months; $89.99 plan
  • We also provide six months; $169.99 plan
  • We allow an Annual; $140 plan

OgyMogy – SMS Tracker


It is another versatile monitoring app. it provides you user-friendly feature list for all users. You can track your targeted device and know all live activities. It enables you to track all incoming outgoing messages of the targeted phone and know their conversations.

Its SMS feature provides a guarantee to secure your targeted person. Use can spy all kinds of their chats and know very well about them.

You can protect your targeted person from harmful actions and save them from unwanted movement. It has the potential to find online theft, and you can keep your loved one from it.




OgyMogy app to read someones text messages is compatible for below mentioned versions of android and iOS.

ogymogy compatibility

View price detail

It offers a price package for employers and parents to select according to their needs.

  • Essential is for per month $ 32
  • The standard for six months is $ 90
  • Extreme for one year $ 120

Mspy App – To Spy on Text Messages 


Mspy is another renowned SMS tracker app. it is used for monitoring all online activities of your loved one due to their online safety.

It makes sure you toward your child activities and employees’ work performances at the workplace. But you need to install the app into your targeted devices for secret spying and come to know their all actions.

You can easily find the send or receive SMS of your targeted devices. It makes sure you to the chatting of your loved one. It is the best way to save your targeted person from any dangerous side of the digital world.




Mspy is compatible with all android devices starting from OS 4+ and iOS with 7-14.

mspy compatibility

Price plan

Mspy offers you a purchase price on subscription and gives seven days of free trials.

  • For One month – $ 48.99
  • For Three months- $ 27.99
  • For One year- $ 11.66

Spyera – Text message Spy App


Spyera is designed for mobile and computer surveillance app. it is one of the best text messages spy apps for Android and iOS devices.

It is one of the best mobile tracker apps that enable you to spy on the machines and secretly know their actions.

Spyera gives you the best results for monitoring the devices and finding all their activities.




Spyera is compatible with android 4-12, and most support iOS devices.

spyera compatibility

Price package

Spyera provides a free trial for 24 hours; then, you can choose it.

  • Lite $ 29.95 for one month
  • Premium $ 68for month and
  • Extreme $ 199 for three month

Spyzie – SMS Monitoring App


Spyzie is free mobile tracking software that enables you to spy the digital devices and discover their actions. It provides you variety of spying features that helps you in online safety. Users can track the devices and come to their activated action in real-time. Like others, Spyzie is also great for SMS monitoring and helps you reach your targeted person’s conversations.




Spyzie is compatible with the latest version of android phones.

spyzie compatibility

Choose price plan

Spyzie offers you a free seven-day trial and then selects the price plan you want.

  • Personal -$29.95 one month for a single device
  • Professional-$ 9.99 per month for five devices
  • Business – $6.00 per month for 25 devices

Final words – which app should choose

There is a list of best SMS tracker apps, but TheOneSpy is on top that provides you with actual monitoring results. TheOneSpy is a thoroughly recommended SMS tracker app for your kid’s safety and employee surveillance.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

No, you can not spy on someones text messages without install a SMS tracker app.

Yes, There are a lot of text messages spy app that can help you find who your spouse is texting.

Yes, if they have installed a text messages spying app in your phone they can read your chat conversations.

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Yes, it is possible to monitor targeted devices secretly or come to know their activities.

Not all; you have to get access to the targeted device for installing the app into it. Then, you can track the device and find out their chat conversation.

There is a list of the best spy apps, but it gives a limited free trial for you. But the majority of apps are working after selecting the price plan