Best Animes Available on Amazon Prime

Best Animes Available on Amazon Prime

Japanese anime lovers, attention: the Amazon Prime Video catalog is full of surprising proposals, which go through genres of all kinds: fantasy, science fiction, comedy, thriller, romance, family dramas … A thousand and one stories (well, only 26) with which to exploit our spirit more otaku on the streaming platform. Do not miss this film and television titles.

1 Banana Fish (Banana Fisshu)

This series is based on a manga created by Akimi Yoshida and that was published intermittently between May 1985 and 1994. Almost 25 years after finishing, the story has come to life on the small screen with the same vocation of breaking with the established, and It places us again in the underworld of New York City in the 80s, where we will get to know in-depth the world of mafias, drug trafficking, and child prostitution networks.

2 Your name (2017)

One of the most successful anime in the cinema, to the point, that it managed to unseat at the Japanese box office the numbers of Hayao Miyazaki’s unbeatable ‘Chihiro’s Journey’. Filmmaker Makoto Shinkai poses an impossible question: What would you do if you woke up in a body that is not yours? Two teenagers are united by this phenomenon, which speaks of love, youth, and the implacable force of destiny.

3 Inuyashiki: The Last Hero

Undoubtedly, one of the most acclaimed (and commented on) anime in recent years, based on Hiyora Oku’s manga. Produced by MAPPA studios, it tells the story of an office worker, Ichiro Inuyashiki, who one day sees his body converted into a robotic structure due to the collision with a UFO. The question that we will be asked next is one of the great unknowns of the human being: are we inherently good or irremediably bad?

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4 No Heartbeat

Science fiction has found in anime some of its most incredible expressions (such as ‘Ghost in the Shell’) and this is the case of this adaptation of the novel written by Satoshi Hase, which transports us to a world where humanoid robots have acquired conscience and fight according to their own motivations. For Isaac Asimov fans.

5 Kabaneri: The Iron Fortress (Kōtetsujō no Kabaneri)

It all started with this 2016 series, which would be followed by up to three films (at the moment) that confirm that the story directed here by Tetsurō Araki has captivated the public. It is not for less: in a dystopian Industrial Revolution, humans are threatened by terrible monsters, which are decimating the population. Only a few will be able to save them from extinction.

6 Kokkoku

A sect known as the Genuine Love Society has captured two members of the Yukawa family, and to save them they will have to use a power inherited from generations: Stasis, a place where time is stopped and dangers abound. Based on the Seita Horio manga.

7 The Boy and the Beast (2015)

This has been one of the last films by Mamoru Hosoda (the most recent one, ‘Mirai, my little sister’), one of the great anime masters of our time, and in whose stories fantasy meets love relationships and friendship. This is the case of this film where a child exchanges the solitude of the streets of Tokyo for an imaginary world where Kumatetsu will become his spiritual guide and companion of infinite adventures (and discussions).

8 After the rain (Koi wa Ameagari no You ni)

Based on Jun Mayuzuki’s manga, this series tells the story of a 17-year-old girl, Akira Tachibana, who must leave athletics due to injury. A terrible moment that will coincide with the entry into her life of a man much older than her with whom she will fall hopelessly in love.

9 Juliet’s boarding school (Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet)

Two fictional worlds (one similar to feudal Japan, the other closer to the West) confront each other in this anime based on Yōsuke Kaneda’s manga, which centers his story on a neutral place between the two, the Dahlia Academy, where different people reproduce the rivalries of their countries. And what happens? Well, a full-fledged ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

10 Babylon

This is one of the active anime series that is generating the most comments, and not only because the eighth episode of its first season has been delayed much more than expected. Adapted from Mado Nozaki’s novel, it portrays a Tokyo prosecutor’s investigation into a scandal involving a pharmaceutical company and hiding a larger plot than he thought. Mystery and suspense are served.

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So, these were some of the best Anime Movies and Series available on Amazon Prime.

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