Benefits of using appointment scheduling software for small business

An appointment scheduling software is a web-based application that lets clients conveniently and securely book appointments with a business through any device that is connected to the internet. Online scheduling automates your business by sending email notifications, allowing clients to book appointments 24X7, managing your team and customers and so on.

With an appointment scheduling software, A business can post a ‘book appointment’ button on the website through which they can turn all their visitors into customers. You can also share a public booking link with your customer through which they can book appointments with you from anywhere at any point in time.

This way there are no missed appointments or lost customers as you are offering them the flexibility of booking appointments even after your working hours. Picktime is a free appointment scheduling platform that solves all your scheduling worries and helps your run your business hassle free. Some of the benefits of using an appointment scheduling software will be discussed below.

Appointment scheduling on the go

Tired of missed appointments and having to shuffle around excel sheets to see the clients booked for the day? We all have been there at some point in time. With Picktime appointment scheduling software, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just simply log into your account and view all the appointments booked with you for any particular day or a week or a month. All you need is a mobile or a tablet or a system that is connected to the internet and you are all set.

appointment scheduling software

Online Calendar

Double booking and no-shows can slow down your business and can cause a lot of confusion resulting angry and frustrated customers. With Picktime, you can let your customers book appointments with you only in the slots you keep open for them. You can add closed dates, recurring appointments and a day off to your calendar with just a few clicks.

Plan all your personal events around your appointments. With repeat customers, you can just add in recurring appointments and never have to worry about forgetting to book them for all their future bookings. You can also color code your services and know all the services booked for the day with just a glance at your screen.

Manage multiple locations at the same time

Managing a single location is tiresome enough and managing more than one location needs a lot of work and hassle-free scheduling. Picktime understands the efforts you put in to split your time between all your locations and managing a successful business.

With Picktime, you can manage all your business locations all at one place. Your clients can simply choose the location they want to book an appointment with you from your online booking link.

An online booking page

Don’t have a website? Tired of answering calls to book in appointments when you are on service? Don’t have a front desk manager to manage and take bookings? Picktime does all of that for you. You can simply share your online booking link on your social media and let customers book appointments with you at the times you keep open.

At the end of the day, even your clients are busy and they would love the flexibility of not having to call only at certain times of a day. They can just book an appointment with your from anywhere, at any point in time.

Classes / Group session

Do you run a school or are you a yoga or a music trainer that needs to manage group sessions or classes? Well, you can do that as well on Picktime. With our appointment management system, you can set up a session with any number of slots you wish to keep open for booking. We also have an upcoming feature like class packs and courses that are quite important for managing group sessions.

Room and Equipment management

Do you own escape rooms, meeting rooms or co-working spaces with common rooms that you need to manage? Do you own a rental business? Picktime can also manage your rooms and equipment for you. You can either link them to your services or choose to keep them open for online bookings.

What are you waiting for? Say bye-bye to all your scheduling issues and grow your business by leaps and bounds. Signup with Picktime for free.

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