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You will get to know about the best app to spy on Instagram these days so without wasting your time let’s get into it.

Are you an Instagram user? Then you can know its addiction. But as users, we couldn’t understand their downfalls and negative impacts. It is more dangerous when your kids are on this social media site. There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular IM app. it is gaining popularity quickly. Now it has 800 million users around the world.

So, it is everyone’s access without an age limit. Teens and kids are not mature enough to find social media’s dangerous side. Thus, parents are more concerned and worried about their children. However, they want to protect them from online dangers and upcoming threats.

In this article, we will discuss the best Instagram apps. I am sure this app helps protect your kids while having online threats toward this social media site.

Is it possible to monitor someone’s Instagram secretly?

Yes, you can secretly monitor someone’s Instagram account. The below of this article will define you. We discuss the best spying apps and also their working capacity. User enables to get all information about their targeted one without knowing them. But you have to know the best app that helps you monitor every aspect of Instagram.

List of the best apps to spy on Instagram

  • Umobix
  • Hoverwatch
  • Spyic
  • Mspy
  • Flexispy

Spy on Instagram with Umobix

umobix app to spy on instagram

Umobix is one and only Instagram spying software that allows you to track your targeted phone without any clue. It has the power to install the app into your targeted phone without getting access to the device. The user does not need installing by software on the targeted device.

It enables you to spy on Instagram to get all their information. It can check all messages, posts, and sharing media and find the location.

Features for Instagram monitoring

  • Track direct messages
  • Spy on all posts and like
  • Get to know the followers and following
  • Get screenshots of any activity
  • Spy on share links

Umobix Work with

It works with iOs, iPhones, and Android four or higher then. These devices are used for digital tracking and monitoring of your targeted one.

Umobix Pricing

It offers you price plans with a basic outline for one month at $29.99, or a complete plan for one month is $59.99. And finally, choose a three-month plan for $ 33.33

Hoverwatch Instagram Spy App

hoverwatch instagram spy app

Hoverwatch is another perfect choice for your Instagram monitoring. This app is excellent for all parents to track their kids’ Instagram accounts secretly. This app offers a unique and fabulous feature list that helps with secret spying. Hoverwatch always works for the benefit of parents and other targeted ones. With this app, you can choose and install it for secret spying.

It is not only used to spy on Instagram. You can know the messages, calls, live location, internet watch history, and many more.

The feature that helps you

  • Messages monitoring
  • Share photos and videos
  • Track share links
  • Instagram screen activities and record it
  • Get to know all the followers and following

Compatible devices

 Hoverwatch allows you to track android and iOs devices. You can choose one of them according to your choice.

Hoverwatch Pricing

Hoverwatch allows for three packages personal, professional, and business. It starts from $ 24.99 for personal, professional start $ 9.99 and for business start from $ 6.00

Spyic Instagram Monitoring App

spyic Instagram spy app

It is another excellent choice for an Instagram spy. With spyic, you can quickly get all the information about your targeted one. It ensures your kids’ activities while having an Instagram account. You can get all going on the targeted device without any interference. It is a good chance to spy on your child’s social media performance. You can find all activities in real-time. It has an easy and simple way to install the devices into your targeted devices.

Features for Instagram tracking

  • Spy on direct messages
  • Track followers and following
  • Monitor social activities on Instagram
  • Track sharing files

Compatibility with spyic

It allows you to monitor iPhone, Android, and iPad as well. You can use the spyic app for all mentioned digital machines.

Spy price plans

This app allows you three price plans for all users. You can use basically for $39.99 and premium for $ 9.99 or the final family plan for $ 69.99

You can purchase spyic by selecting any price according to your need and demand.

Mspy is for Instagram Monitoring

mspy Instagram spy app

Mspy is an excellent monitoring software for Instagram. It is considered the best spying tool in the digital market. Mspy works as best for all digital devices. It is also known as the best parental control spying software. You can get all the information about your targeted devices once installed. It is the top parental control software for all parents who are concerned about their kids. You can get all the online activities for your children. Even get to know all social media accounts.

Offering Instagram spying features

  • Read all direct messages
  • Know followers and following
  • Catch send or receive photos and videos

Compatible devices with Mspy

Android and iPhone are highly compatible with Mspy Instagram spy software.

Pricing of Mspy app

You can get the pricing as offers for one month, $ 48.99 for three months for $27.99, and final a year plan for $ 11.66

Flexispy Instagram Spying Feature

flexispy app to spy on instagram

Flexispy is an excellent choice for all users. No doubt, this app never disappointed you in online tracking. You can get this software to collect all online data. User enables the installation of the best Instagram spy software. The user gets all information about the app that ensures you in digital tracking.

Flexispy allows you to spy on the Instagram activities of your targeted person. You can install this app and get to know all information on the targeted account.


  • Get to know Instagram calls
  • Find all text chats
  • Know the sharing media

Flexispy compatible with

Flexispy is compatible with Android or iPhone. It ensures you about the compatible devices.

Price of Flexispy

This app offers you a price bundle with $ 29.99 as lite, $ 68 premium package, and a final extreme of $ 199


So, there is a choice to monitor the Instagram account of your targeted one. The best Instagram spy apps are mentioned in this post. Get one of them and spy on your children’s social media activities.

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