iPad Pro Apps to Use with Apple Pencil

The Best iPad Pro Apps to Use with Apple Pencil

Finding the best iPad Pro apps can be quite a taxing task. I am sure you would just want someone to give you a list of the apps to choose from and use but it is required for you to put in some efforts as well. The efforts can range from jotting down your requirements and aligning them to fit your preferences.

These apps have been emerging every now and then and their popularity is going to sustain as well. The only essential thing to know is that you have to find an app that fits your needs without any compromises. When it comes to the artwork you should know that you cannot compromise in any way.

The illustration styles 2019 and for the upcoming years have significantly changed as well. This change then encouraged the app makers to release design apps that are easily integrated with both the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

Here are some of those apps that breathe life into your artwork.

Affinity Designer

Graphic designers and artists have been in a constant hunt for design apps or tools that have almost every feature that they need to use. Some tools are better off used as on-the-go tools and Affinity Designer is one such tool.

Artists that want to make finishing changes and do not have the time for it can use Affinity Designer to make the final tweaks. There is also the choice of sketching from scratch but this app is a better fit for those who want to do minor edits and changes

Adobe Illustrator Draw

All the apps we have compiled support iOS 11.0 versions or the later ones so let’s set that aside for now. A gem by Adobe, the company has been steadfast in coming up with unique and interesting apps and software programs solely for designing and editing.

In this app, you are given more than just making simple edits and drawing different types of artwork. The app is based on AI and also suggests the relevant changes to you as you draw. Users are also given relevant design ideas and concepts about what they intend to draw on the app.


While it might not be free and it charges you $9.99, it is still a far cheaper price than other existing design tools. You have the selection of two options. One is to use the app conventionally while drawing or you can use it with Apple Pencil since Procreate is already integrated with this device.

The interface and UI of the app are not confusing at all so even if you just use a simple stylus, it is going to give you the same results as the Apple Pencil.

Adobe Comp CC

Comp CC is not a lot like Illustrator Draw but it still has all the features you would need to create digital drawing smoothly. However, it is not so widely used for drawings of illustrations but is used for the task of visualizing and creating wireframes from scratch.

Just select a template you like or add one to the app that you just want to edit. Then add pictures to it, different types of fonts or even some sketches to enhance the overall visual appeal.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

While reading from the name, it sounds like it is going to be a lot similar to Photoshop but it is quite different. The sketch is both unique and easy to use. The interface it has allows you to swap between brushes and create alluring pieces of illustrations as you please.

You can even customize the brushes you have chosen and use them accordingly. It is a great app if you are new to the field of illustration design. As for its UI, it contains a grid where you can edit and insert visual elements.

Autodesk Sketchbook

 Now, this is a free app that has not been developed by Adobe but Autodesk itself. It follows the same foundation and features as the Adobe design apps we mentioned earlier. The design industry is going to advance a lot in recent years so it is good to see companies other than Adobe working on the same domain as well.

This app’s main feature is sketching. You can use different pen and brushes, customize each of them and then use them according to the type of drawing you have been making.


It is likely for you to have more than one favorite in iPad Pro apps or you might have just found a new favorite from the list we have compiled today.

The list itself is not extensive and the features have been briefly described to get you an idea regarding each app. If you have found the perfect one, we would love to see what you have created using it.

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