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App Store Optimization: Selecting Images for Your Application

It is not enough to create a quality app. Your mobile application must also be optimized for the store. This process is known as App Store Optimization and is a kind of SEO, but applied to the online stores that house these mobile applications. Like SEO, the goal of the ASO is to increase the visibility of your app in these stores.

One of the great themes included in ASO is the screenshots or videos that are included as a preview of the app. These images are essential to the user when choosing which application to download. For this reason, we present a brief guide to select the screenshots of your recently developed application.

What you should keep in mind when selecting screenshots

Screenshots should not be selected randomly. The best way to position your iOS and Android application is to choose those images that explain the purpose and use of your mobile app.

A common way to choose effectively screenshots of an app is to determine what the application offers. For this, you can ask yourself these two questions:

• What specific problem does the application solve?

• How is it different from other applications?

Once you have your answers, you should only choose the screenshots that answer these questions visually.


Find the differential benefit your application offers

Due to the large number of apps that exist in the stores, creating a truly unique application is complicated especially if it is the first time you are making a project of this type. When you are in the ideation phase, you can look for related applications and you will notice that there are at least 10 results.

And if there is no result and your application is really unique, you will find competition in a short time. You will have an advantage because your application was the first to offer a solution to a problem that had not been considered, but you should think about strategies to be able to position yourself when competition enters the market.

The key is to offer a differential benefit. You can offer the same solution to a problem like the other 50 applications in the Play Store, but the important thing is to differentiate yourself from those 50 applications. For example, an added value could be that the process to use your application is easier than your competition or allows you to publish content or share it in just one more touch.

This benefit must be shown in the screenshots you publish in the Play Store. So find that benefit and demonstrate it visually.


The main screen

One of the most used images is the capture of the main screen or a screen that demonstrates the main purpose of the application. It can be accompanied by a brief explanatory text or logo in some cases. Everything depends on whether the message is understood visually.

The Features of your application

Other possible images could be about the proper way to configure and use your application. It could be useful when the differential benefit of your application is the variety of options it presents to be able to adapt to the needs of the users or when the process of use is quite simple. Demonstrating a simple process of use is a way to capture the attention of your users.

It is important that screenshots can be understood only with the image, although you could use a supporting text. You can hire dedicated developer by contacting top app development companies.

The tactile gestures that activate your application

If your application does not use the typical tactile gestures, that could be one of its differential benefits, so do not be afraid to show it through images. You can suggest the movement that is necessary through a supporting text or arrows.

You can also show this type of screenshots when touch gestures are used as a shortcut for certain options of your application, for example, a double touch could be used to directly share a photo on social networks.

Do not forget the text

The objective is that the images transmit a visual message. This is not because you could not add text, in fact, it is usual and advisable to add a brief explanatory text in each screenshot, but much of the message must be communicated visually. The text works as a support to explain the details that are not understood at a glance.

Include awards mentions

If your application has received some type of recognition, you can place it as text in one of your screenshots. The prizes or mentions in magazines (whether digital or printed) add credibility to your application and could definitely be one of the factors that influence a user’s decision.

You can also make a special mention when you have developed an application for computers and have decided to develop a version of that same application for mobile devices. As in the previous case, there is credibility and it is likely that you already have a certain number of users who have used that application on their computers or laptops.

The use of colors and typography

When you choose the color palette and typography that you will use in the screenshots, keep in mind the design of your brand. When developing an application, whether you want it or not, you have also developed a brand.

This brand has a series of characteristics such as its typography, the style of its icons, its logo and the colors it uses for graphic elements as well as the background. Keep in mind this graphic line that you have developed for your application when choosing colors and typography for the images that you will place in the store.

Ideally, both the typography and the colors should be the same or be in harmony with the style you have determined for your iOS application. Remember that both color and typography can create an environment, so make sure that the environment is right for your iOS application.

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