Tips for Integrating Animation in Content Marketing

One of the notable factors about content marketing is that it is continually evolving to become better and more effective at attracting the audience to the business. Where blogs, white papers, and case studies are a significant part of content marketing, research statics proves that social media, motion graphics and animations are used as an effective strategy for content marketing.

Content marketing enables marketers to be creative and innovative while strategizing their marketing plans. In fact, using as many marketing platforms as possible is an excellent strategy to keep your existing audience engaged while expanding your reach.

Since evolving technology, the internet has become an excellent asset for businesses to reach out to the audience. However, competition among digital businesses is high. Millions of content are uploaded every day, which makes it difficult for a brand to mark its territory in the digital world.

The key here is to create content that is unique and interesting for the audience. With this notion, it can be said that no content is better than using video animation to hook the interest of the audience and make a brand identity.

If you are considering integrating video animation in your content, here are some tips that can help you out.

Integrating Animation in Content Marketing

Integrating an animated video in your content marketing strategy takes more than merely uploading a video on YouTube. Where that can also be a part of your strategy, careful planning, and execution of the plan is an important step that you cannot ignore.

Determine Your Scope

The first step to integrating animation in content marketing is to set your goal. Do some research to determine what you want to be part of the video and what type of video you require to be effective.

Determine the budget for video creation as well as the number of videos you want to be effective. It may be useful to look for a freelance animator or a video production company to achieve a high-quality result to share with the audience.

Never go for the Obvious

It is essential to appear strong, but a poor launch can result at the end of video animation for content marketing. Begin by creating a video that can appeal to a broad audience. Perhaps a short video introduction to your business, services, and products can be a great start and shouldn’t require too much effort or money.

Post Video Content on Your Business Website

Videos engage the audience and posting videos on your website is the best practice for your landing pages. Your business website is the hub of all operations and information that your audience requires.

Having a video on your website can increase conversions by 80% resulting in more leads to your website. The video content ensures that your visitors get the most out of their visits to your site.

Include Animations in Emails

Email marketing is another form of marketing using content that can inform the audience about your brand. Using videos in emails can influence them to watch the video to know about your brand.

It ensures that the recipients are receiving the message which you intended to deliver. It can also notify the viewers that you have posted a new and exciting video.

Make it mobile-friendly

Over half of the viewers are watching the video on their smartphones. Bear this factor in mind while creating and distributing the video content through the digital platform. Make the audience find the video where they’re at and optimize the video to be viewed.

Go live!

Live videos are a trending content marketing strategy that can engage your viewers with your brand. It has incredible value as you can leverage the trend to create a long-lasting video for the viewers to watch later.

Many social media platforms allow live videos and can help you to engage and interact with your viewers in real-time. It can also drive a buzz around the relevant announcements and updates. However, do not forget to create videos that can be viewed later by the viewers.

Use it for Product Demonstrations

If you are using videos to market a specific product or service, it is important that the video is able to describe the factors which you are good at. These types of videos create value for the viewers and people who want to know about what exactly they will be receiving if they make a purchase form your brand.


The audience trusts peers more than the company. Therefore, it is advantageous to leverage already exited customer base to provide testimonials of how the brand or product has benefited them. Many brands today do this with the help of influencers that are willing to share their reviews with their fan base and all across the network.

This not only adds value to your product, but the audience is influenced to use the products recommended by the influencers. It works at all levels and is an effective way to influence the audience.

Use Social Media for Your Benefit

 Visuals are persuasive and can influence the audience to visit your website. Using animations on social media enables the brand to achieve a unique and recognizable look. It is cheaper to use and can deliver your message to a broad audience.


Content marketing is continually changing and evolving. Using animated videos can help the brands to visually engage and interact with the audience while delivering your brand message in a creative way.

To be effective in using animated video content for marketing, it is important to device a strategic plan for implementing and measuring the results to maintain the effectiveness of the videos.

So if you have not yet planned on using Video animations for content marketing, it is high time to create innovative videos to engage and interest your audience with your business.

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