Adobe XD

Adobe XD: Design and Innovation at Your Fingertips

This year we will have at our disposal a tool that will attract attention and will be in the sights of many people around the world: Adobe XD.

What is Adobe XD?

Adobe Experience Design CC or Adobe XD is a new application that will help you to create and design the prototypes of web pages and applications, effective and ideal for people who are not necessarily experts in design and who will launch its beta version on March 16. this year for Mac OS and months later for Windows 10.

Advantages of Adobe XD

Adobe helps designers to have a better user experience when designing their prototypes either from a web page or from an application. It will be available for free to anyone who has an Adobe ID, in order that people try the program with the purpose of giving some opinion or comment to make way for the commercial version that will see the light at the end of this year.

It was created under the criterion of giving greater comfort to the user through a simple fluid and fast interactivity, as well as to give another approach to the layout of web pages and the design of attractive elements in view of the end user, all this based on a prototype that can be shared by different means. This and much more may be possible with just one application.

Adobe XD features

The main and most striking feature of Adobe XD is the ability to make your prototype faster, thanks to intuitive tools that allow you to draw, reuse and mix elements to create wireframes, interactive prototypes, visual design and resources that are necessary for the final product of the project. You can alternate the design with the preview of your prototype, as well as add animations or interactions to test how the user experience will be when using the final product. In addition, you can share your work with other members of your team.

Adobe XD tools

  • Drawing

You can draw what you need with the rectangle, ellipse, line, pen and selection tools and you can improve them with the help of the property inspector. You can choose between the range of colors for the edge of your shapes or fill, the thickness of the margin, add leftovers or adjust transparency, among other things.

  • Stylized text

Write a text and place it where you prefer, in addition, you can change its color, size, among many other features.

  • Design

You can group, block, align and distribute the different elements of your design with these tools. You can make the mask with shapes and rearrange all the elements as you wish.

  • Multi-screen

You have the opportunity to show your graphic design in Dubai on different screens and devices that are on the work tables. You can choose a predefined size and copy from different work tables without moving the elements of your design.

  • Specific designs

Use high-quality interface elements found in the user interface design kit to quickly perform a specific design for IOS, Google Material, and Microsoft Windows devices.

  • Grid

With this option, you can select elements of your prototype and replicate them vertically or horizontally as many times as you want. They can be as a list of contacts or a gallery of images. You must keep the styles and spaces intact.

  • Export

You can export designs and images for IOS, Android and the web in PNG and SVG formats.

  • Photoshop and Illustrator

You have the option to copy and paste the files you want from CC Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator directly into Experience Design.

  • Register and share

You have the opportunity to record an.MOV file while clicking on the preview to share with your team or interested in your prototype, in addition, you can generate a link to your prototype to share it.

  • Interactive prototypes

Add gestures, animations, and interactions to experience how the user will experience the final product, alternating between the prototype and the design without leaving the application.

  • Administration

You have easy access to your prototypes: with just a click on a thumbnail and you will follow the public link, without having a limited number of prototypes that you can share with your team.

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