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Time tracking Apps help one to stay focused, organized and always up to the task. Freelancers have embraced the use of these apps in their daily activities.

The Great Time Tracking Apps

There are many time-tracking apps performing relatively the same function but they are never created the same. Some are created targeting remote teams while others are created targeting individual freelancers and some are even targeting to make life easier for managers. Some of these apps have privacy while others offer little privacy or even none at all to those who download and install them.

Freelancers require time tracking apps to track their work and boost their business productivity. Students in schools may have to write an essay on time tracking apps, hence they may write online, do my essay from Writeanessay website to find a custom essay writing website. They can choose some of the time tracking apps such as;

  • Due Time Tracking App

This app helps the freelancer to track time with automatic idle time detected. It is simply done by starting the timer with a new session which starts immediately. As the project proceeds, you can use the time tracking for tracking to produce some invoices based on the time rates you had set. This time tracking app will also aid in the organization of clients’ information by name, address, time rates and even the difference in currencies. This aids in making documents and information easy to access and retrieve thus helping saving more time on client information retrieval.

  • Sighted Time Tracking and Invoicing App

This type of time tracking app helps in refreshing simple and easy use of time tracking platform with integrated online invoicing for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This further helps them to get orders and invoices early and get paid faster. The team further works to ensure that you get an invoice first time and also get paid faster. Managing your time reduces the chances of late payments and diminishes the chances of not being paid completely but increases the chances of fast and first-time payments.

  • Harvest Time Tracking App

This time tracking app helps the freelancers track many different projects at the same time. Through this app, a freelancer can manage and traverse different projects at the same time hence helps to increase the productivity of the freelancer. The freelancer can also be able to assign various tasks to a team member. By doing this the freelancer would have saved his time for postponing the tasks by doing task after task. The app doesn’t include computer monitoring options like active application URL hence becomes more flexible and fast.

  • TopTracker Time Tracking App

This app is not tied to any app platform except working in the interests of the freelancer. This app is free without any limitations of version and hence helps to give the freelancer total control over what gets tracked and at what frequency. This further helps to give the freelancers an opportunity to track down written task descriptions only or blurred pictures. By giving the freelancers total control over what to be tracked and at what rate, it helps him to fix the rate that he considers best for tracking.

  • Tick Time Tracking App

This type of time tracking app is only suitable for freelancers with many projects since it may become expensive if one is a one-project-freelancer. And if the freelancer is working on one project at a time when he may not even need a time tracking app since it may seem so expensive with a negligible effect on the salary of that particular freelancer. The ticking time tracking app will only help those freelancers with many projects at a time by helping them multitask and run their entire project at a time.

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  • RescueTime Tracking App

This type of time tracking app is the most suitable for those freelancers who only want self-assessment on their way of spending time without necessarily reporting back to any senior or manager on the time spending rate. This time tracking app will then give a freelancer a detailed report on how he spends his personal time. This will help him to either increase his rate of doing things or even reduce. The full report given to the freelancer using this time tracking app is simply to satisfy the personal curiosity of the freelancer.

  • Toggl Time Tracking App

This type of time tracking is simply created to assess the speed and usability in mind. This makes it suitable for use to even the busy freelancer. Toggl produces reports that are so easy to understand and interpret and helps to track the freelancer’s real time. This app has helped to increase the freelancers’ productivity since it saves the real time. The simplicity to understand its report has also enhanced its usage by freelancers regardless of their level of learning.

  • Klok Desktop Application Time Tracking Apps

It’s a cheaper desktop application that helps the freelancer to divide his work into categories such as time spent on a phone versus that spent on self- marketing. It collects the amount of time spent in the past to give the freelancer an estimate on the amount of time he needs for the present and future similar projects. By doing this, the freelancer can easily manage his time by recovering the amount of time that he is due to using on other non-business projects in the future.

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