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7 little known but very useful features that iOS 12 will bring to your iPhone

When Apple introduced iOS 12, they talked about some very interesting news related to augmented reality, with the Photos application, with Siri, with the M emoji and much more.

But, in addition to these new features, there are other lesser known functions that remain hidden in the operating system and that went unnoticed in the WWDC18.

In this article, we will rescue some features of iOS 12 that were not presented by Apple and that probably still do not know.

  1. Accidental prevention of screenshots

In iOS 12 it is very unlikely that the uncomfortable accidental screenshots will happen on the iPhone X. A new feature prevents this from happening, keeping the option disabled until the device’s screen turns on.

  1. Close applications on the iPhone X

In iOS 11, you must open the multitasking and keep pressing your finger on an app to make the icon “X” appear to close apps. But in iOS 12 things will be simplified, when you open the multitasking interface, you just have to slide your finger up (see the video we have inserted above) to close it. The usual method, go.

  1. Multiple faces for Face ID

Before iOS 12, only one face could be registered and/or configured for the Face ID technology of each iPhone X. From now on, it will be possible to register two different faces.

  1. Search for song lyrics

The arrival of iOS 12 will allow users to search for songs using the lyrics of them within the Music application.

  1. Do not disturb

In iOS 12 controls will be implemented in the Do Not Disturb mode in the Control Center. There will be options with different schedules through the 3D Touch functionality.

donot disturb

  1. Passwords Airdrop

If you need to share a password between two devices with iOS app development, you can easily transfer it through Airdrop.

  1. QR code scanner

There is a new iOS 12 option in the Control Center that opens the camera to scan QR codes in a much faster and more convenient way. It can be activated from Settings> Control Center> Customize.

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